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Choosing A Full Off-site Wedding Caterer

What Does a Wedding Catering Company Do?

A wedding catering company takes care of the food preparation, presentation, and food delivery for a wedding reception. While these are the primary services provided, individual companies such as Adelaide Catering Company offer additional services. Some of these include the following:


A wedding catering service works alongside you to plan every step of the meal. Catering companies offer recommendations and advice for your menu according to any desires, themes, or ideas you have in mind.


Many catering services provide more than food- they also provide the alcohol to serve with the food. This is helpful as caterers are typically well-informed on the best alcohol pairings, ensuring your guests’ taste buds are delighted.

Service Staff

You may choose just to have the food delivered and allow everyone to dive in on their own if you wish. However, if you fancy a wedding reception with a full-service staff, some wedding catering companies will happily oblige.

Furniture and Decor

Some catering companies go beyond food and alcohol. They also help you set the right tone by providing furniture and décor rentals.

Clean Up

No one wants to have to clean up after their big event. Be sure you choose a wedding catering company that provides a clean-up service.

At Adelaide Catering Company, we love weddings and want to help make your day a special one! We start with a planning session to determine your desires and goals. We then get to work providing what you want and need, including décor, food and alcohol, staffing, and much more while helping you stay on budget. Contact us today to learn more or to book your event!

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